26 Sep 2011

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Adam Eisenberg is a wine writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. When he's not scribbling notes in front of a glass, or hunched over his laptop, you can find him on his bicycle, which he rides...lots.


5 Must Have Wine Posters

Maybe I’m a little obsessed. I work in the wine industry, I drink wine almost every day (doctor’s orders, I swear), and when it comes decorating my home I gravitate towards, what else? Wine posters. But like my wines, I’m pretty picky with the décor and since there are hundreds upon hundreds of terrible wine posters, it’s trickier than you might think to find ones to match my furniture. Below are five posters that create a perfect pairing…with Ikea.

1. Paris Metro Wine Map of France: How cool is this? This clever play on regions from delongwine.com merges three of my favorite things at once: Paris, graphic design, and wine. I think the idea could translate to other things as well: A pizza version for the New York City, a Ramen version for Tokyo, etc.


2. For Loire Valley fans, it’s hard to top this poster created for Pierre and Catherine Breton. The text reads, “Apprenez le geste qui sauve les Vignerons” or “Learn the move that saves the winemakers”. I dig both the simple image, but more importantly I dig their wines, and this poster captures their independent spirit.


3. Andre H. Mack’s garagiste label Mouton Noir, produces a slick line of wines, but nothing is slicker than Andre himself and his cooler than cool t-shirts. His visual puns, such as “RUN DRC” (with an image of Aubert de Villaine beneath) are wine-geeky in the best possible way. I wish he had some posters made of them as well, but this promo for a tasting is also pretty great.


4. The French might be the best marketers in the world, and part of their genius is their ability to come up with iconic images/characters to define their products. The Michelin Man, The Laughing Cow, and…Nectar? Well at least in 1930s France, Nectar the delivery man was one of the most recognizable icons in wine marketing. Created by Jules Isnard for the Nicolas chain of wine shops, this is quintessential France.


5.  Legendary Parisian wine bar Willi’s is known just as much for its commissioned art as its extensive wine list. This our favorite from the Willi’s canon, which we prefer over Mouton Rothschild’s similar approach for their labels.


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